Palms Retirement Center
"Adding Years to Life and Life to Years"

At the Palms Retirement we believe life should be lived to the fullest. It is too often easy and comfortable to hibernate in your own personal apartment space. Therefore The Palms encourages all residents to become involved in the life of the community through many and varied activities, whether tenant or management sponsored. Residents at The Palms have opportunities to volunteer their talents in many different areas. 


Tenants have the chance to display their abilities and creativity through our Talent and Style Shows, Costume Parties, Craft Nights, etc.


The Palms also offers programs with outside groups in special concert events.


The monthly Dinner Socials are a special time to honor birthday celebrants. The Thanksgiving Dinner, Christmas Party, and New Year's Eve festivities are designed to further bring people together.


Rresidents of The Palms Retirement Center are offered "continued education" sessions to keep in touch with advancing knowledge in  health management areas such as lifestyle, nutrition, and exercise.